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  • Curling lashes will immediately open up the eyes and make them look bigger. Do it before using mascara. Place the curler very close to the base of the lash and walk it out, squeezing it all the time. Remember to open up the curler fully before pulling it away from your eye.
  • When applying mascara make sure it is thicker at the base and thinner towards the edges. Always take mascara in to the inner corner of the top lashes, which helps to make eyes look larger.
  • Before using waterproof mascara, always check that you have a suitable, oil base remover for it.
  • Do not use too much eye shadow all at once; first see how well you can blend the colors together. You can always add more shadow if you want the effect to be stronger.
  • It’s safest when choosing a foundation, to err on the yellow or golden side not the blue-pink side.
  • Foundation should match the color of the neck, because the neck and jaw line are ultimately the areas that foundation has to blend into. ONLY purchase foundation that you can test before buying.
  • Eyebrow color should relate to your hair color. Redheads should choose a light sable, which will add a little red color into normally pale brows. Blonds should choose the same shade as the darkest color in their hair (usually taupe). Brunettes and gals with black hair should choose one shade lighter than their natural hair color.
  • Before tweezing eyebrow, apply ice to the brow to numb the nerve endings so there will be less pain. To determine where to tweeze, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the shape you want, then tweeze any hair outside the line.
  • Light shimmery colors make lips look larger then darker ones. Plump lips by dabbing shimmery pale pink or gold gloss on the center of your lower lip.
  • Use makeup colors that are opposite of your natural eye hue. Smudge the shade in to your lash line and your eyes will stand out with minimal effort.
    Blue eyes – choose chocolate brown
    green eyes – choose purple or plum
    hazel eyes – green
    brown eyes look beautiful in blues and forest green.
  • Red lipstick - if you would like to wear one, make sure you have the right shade.
    For fair complexions – cool reds
    redheads – warm red
    medium or olive skin – classic true reds
    dark skin – deep reds.
    Use white paper and swipe tester on it. When viewing the red against white it will be easier to detect if there is a blue (cool) or yellow (warm) tint in the product.
  • Always check your makeup in natural light to see that it is balanced and even.


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